Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bill Gould and his Circle H Cowboys

circa 1949
Bill Gould, pictured rear in cowboy hat, with his band,
the Circle H Cowboys.

Bobby Gene Pennington was a young teenager when he toured and performed with the Circle H Cowboys. Still in high school at the time, Bobby Gene would get up early in the morning, drive from Smithville to Tupelo, perform with the band on its radio show on WELO, then drive to school, arriving a bit late but with the school's full knowledge and permission. He is standing third from the right in the photograph.

Carvel Lee Ausborn was another member of the band, also from Smithville. He became known as 'Mississippi Slim', toured the country with various other bands, and even joined the Grand Ole Opry. Both Carvel and Bobby are cousins of another well-known Smithville native and performer, Rod Brasfield.

The lady in the photo is Ruby McKinley, and other known members in the picture are Clint Ausborn, John Digilo, and Theron Taylor.


Anonymous said...

Mona.....,Thanks for jogging my memory. I enjoy your"Itawamba connections". It's great to be from the foot of the Burdine hill!!!! Bobby Gene Pennington '

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Bobby Gene, you were a handsome young man. Wasn't it great that you got to do something that you obviously loved while still attending high school? Great job, Mona. Loved the photograph and bit of history.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bobby Gene - hope I got the story right! You should consider doing a blog - I can see the title: "From the bottom of Burdine Hill." Seriously, you have a lot of stories to tell and a gift for telling them. Thanks for sharing the photos with Momma.

Rita Thompson said...

Could Bobby Gene please identify, in order, the people in the photograph?

Anonymous said...

Rita....thanks for asking about the group.

Left to Right;

Carvel Lee Ausbon(Mississippi Slim)
from Smithville and Tupelo

Clinton Ausbon
standing by Mississippi Slim
lead guitar
from Smithville

John Digilio
standing behind Clinton
tenor sax

James Smith
electric mandolin

Mrs. Ruby Long

Bill Gould
behind Ruby
held bass fiddle

Bobby Pennington
at Gould's left hand
steel guitar

Jimmy Brown
in suspenders

Theron "Nug" Taylor
to Brown's left
Becker, Amory

I have additional information about some of the band members if you need it.

Bobby Pennington