Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where is that?

A recent query to this blog asked the question, where is Peaceful Valley, and although I appreciate the eloquent response of Arvel, sometimes a map can be helpful. Itawamba is somewhat square, and the Tombigbee River runs north to south, dividing the county into eastern and western halves while Highway 78 splits it into northern and southern parts.

Peaceful Valley is located in the southeastern quadrant of Itawamba County, along the road that connects Cardsville with the Carolina and Evergreen communities. The blue arrow on this 1891 map indicates the approximate location of Peaceful Valley. Son Webb's Store used to be the community's epicenter, and a sign at the store once proclaimed "Welcome to Peaceful Valley, Where the Roses Never Fade." Peaceful Valley is home to many descendants of the Sloan, Pennington and Potts families.

The red arrow is the approximate location of the Ryans Well community in northern Itawamba County. Ryans Well is east of the Tombigbee River, and here is where you will find Johnsons, Jamersons, Thorntons, Senters and others. The epicenter of Ryans Well is marked by its former schoolhouse, now the area's community center.

Hope this little geography lesson helps, and thanks for requesting it! This map (without the arrows) can be found here at the Itawamba County Historical Society's website. Check out this website for more information about the communities of Itawamba County.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mona. You always make it sound "so peaceful" - and after Arvel's remarks, I decided he wished for it to remain "hidden valley! I did not intend to write that and not sign it. . . it just got to be a big hassle to get the question sent the other morning. bettye

Terry Thornton said...

Thanks, Mona, for the map. This clears up where Sweetie and I were the other afternoon when we got "lost" in Itawamba County --- we were in Peaceful Valley. Lovely part of the Hill Country. And peaceful.

Terry Thornton

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bettye, if you ever get back over to God's Country, we will definitely take you to Peaceful Valley! Terry, you have an open invitation for a visit as well. You couldn't have gotten lost in a prettier place.