Friday, May 1, 2009

Moxley Family Plot - Bounds Crossroads

The cemetery at Bounds Crossroads has a rectangular area that is marked off by bricks. Within this area however there is only one gravemarker, that of Henry T. and Martha A. Moxley. Obviously, there are other graves within the plot, but whose? During a recent visit with Moxley family members, Don Dulaney was able to determine who else is buried in the Moxley family plot at Bounds Crossroads.

Henry and Martha had three sons who died an early death and were buried in the cemetery: Granville, Melvin and Addison. In addition, Henry's mother, Emily C. Sims Moxley Sturkey, is buried within the brick-lined plot. There may be others, but at least these four family members have been identified as being buried here.

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