Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dee & Jennie Wilemon

Pictured above are Itawamba natives Alford "Dee" Wilemon and Sarah Virginia "Jennie" Strawbridge, who were married in May 1886. Dee was the son of George W. Wilemon and Sibbie Dulaney while Jennie's parents are not known to me. I've been unable to find Jennie in a census household prior to her marriage.

Here are Dee and Jennie in the 1910 census:

1910 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Alford D. Wildman 45 MS U.S. U.S., married 24 years
Sara V. 39 MS MS MS, 4 children, 4 living
Ida L. 22 MS
William R. 20 MS
Ellis D. 10 MS
Lula P. 4 MS

Ida Lee married Jesse Lauderdale while her brother William married Leona Tucker. Pearl and Ellis both married Dulaneys: Pearl to William Quitman Dulaney and Ellis to Ophelia Dulaney. You may remember previous posts that indicate close relationships between the Wilemon and Dulaney families. Ophelia Dulaney was the daughter of John A. Dulaney and M. Alice Hood while Quit Dulaney was the son of Alfred Thomas Dulaney and Martha Jane Beasley.

Thanks to Romie and Dorothy Wilemon for sharing the photo.


Don Dulaney said...

Love the post. And I love this pic. To Me this pic depicts how life really was in that time. Not alot of time to fix yourself up for a Photo. Country Folks in the country. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Mona, have you tried Lamar or Marion County, Alabama for "Jennie" Strawbridge's parents? A brother of my mother's married Grace Strawbridge of Sulligent in 1940 who was from Sulligent - just an idea.