Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Memoriam

Frelon Jury Pennington, Soldier

There is probably not another day more fitting than today to remember Frelon Pennington, a veteran of World War II and brother to my grandfather, Fessie Pennington, another World War II veteran.

Uncle Frelon was born May 10, 1917 in Itawamba County to Ethel Dee Sloan Pennington and her husband, William Hugh Pennington. The Penningtons lived in and around the Carolina and Peaceful Valley communities.

Frelon enlisted in the Army in July 1940. During World War II, he served as a member of Company H of the 30th Army Infantry Division where he fought for the freedom of our country all the way through Algeria, French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Naples, Anzio Beach, Rome, Southern France, Rhineland and Central Europe. When he walked into Nuremberg, Germany on V-E Day in May 1945, Frelon was one of only nine members left in his company. For his service, he received several medals including the French Cross of War, or Croix de guerre with palm, awarded by the French Army for heroic deeds in combat.

Upon his discharge in August 1945, Frelon returned to Itawamba County but the tug of military life pulled him, and he re-enlisted in 1946, this time in the Air Force where he served until his retirement. While in the Air Force, Frelon participated in "Operation Redwing" in 1956 which involved testing of the atomic bomb in the Bikini Islands. After retirement, Frelon lived in the U.S. Soldiers Home in Washington, D.C. where he died on August 27, 1988.

Soldier Pennington

Home on leave, pictured with niece
Brenda Kay Pennington

Desk job

Frelon hoisting a glass with fellow servicemen


Anonymous said...

Lest we forget....Perfect Memorial.

Ma Jean said...

Yes, perfect memorial. He would have been so proud to be remembered this day ,this way by you. He had a long hard five years of fighting and he was very proud to have served his country. Thank you Mona.

Don Dulaney said...

Great Memorial. Great pics!