Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pennington Laundry Room

What an exciting occasion it must have been when Beck got her first washing machine. The appliance was conveniently located behind their house in the shed adjacent to smokehouse. Wonder what ever happened to that old machine? Momma, do you have any stories or memories to share?


Anonymous said...

Looks like my mother's Hotpoint to me! Did anyone besides me ever stupidly test those wringer rollers to see if they would really pinch the finger tips? Ouch!, they do or did! bettye

Ma Jean said...

Your diapers were washed on one just like it. I remember those machines real well. I also remember the other laundry rom as well. It contained two wash tubs and a rub board, along with either lye soap or P@G soap. Add to that a big black pot and fire wood out from under the shed to heat the water in, and later to boil the white clothes in.

Before running water was piped from the spring, we hauled water from the creek in big buckets to use as wash water.

As you can see the creek was much closer to the house then. Daddy, as you know straightened the creek in that area later on.

That shed is also the one that your Daddy remembers real well. By the way did you notice the black and white cat in the picture.