Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pennington Christmas Party, 2009

The Pennington family held its annual holiday party the Saturday before Christmas, and for the first time in many years we were joined by Bobby Gene Pennington, now of Georgia. He is pictured below with his Aunt Tootsie (right) and his Pennington cousins (Brenda, Jean and Jo), the five being the only true Pennington-born folks at the gathering. The rest of us were descendants, significant others and friends.

A Pennington Christmas wouldn't be complete without Aunt Tootsie's wonderful ham and Beck's coconut cake, prepared by her daughter Jo Ann and decorated just like Beck would have done, with splashes of color, and transported in Beck's old cake carrier. Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without bingo, and this year we had a record number of bingo prizes to play for, along with a brand new bingo cage that made Rebekah's job easier in managing the game.

The party was held at the Cardsville volunteer fire department's nice facility, near Peaceful Valley in southern Itawamba County.


Anonymous said...

Just looking at that plate of good ol' country ham made my mouth water and boy howdy!, did I ever need a big drink of water~ the salt don't you know? and, my favorite very moist coconut cake!! Now my second fav is a chocolate meringue pie and I didn't spot one of them. . . .

It's a good thing I didn't see this photo of FOOD before we went to Mimi's Cafe for brunch! - I surely would have had difficulty in making a choice of an omlette or quiche over "one of everything." bettye

vceline8 said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the importance of family during my first attendance at this annual celebration. It's great that so many members still live close to Peaceful Valley and appreciate their heritage. A big thanks to all of you for making me a welcomed member of this family.

I enjoyed all the great Southern dishes prepared by some terrific cooks. I always enjoy my trips to Peaceful Valley where I can recall my own upbringing in a similar place in Georgia.

My next adventure will be learning how to play Rook!