Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pennington siblings

A rare early photograph of the Pennington siblings, taken about 1940 I'm guessing. Please correct me, someone, if the date is wrong. The only sibling missing from the picture is Frelon who enlisted in the Army in July 1940, and it is probable that he was in the service when this photograph was made. Perhaps the photo was taken to send to Frelon? What we do know is the location for the photograph - it was taken just to the right of the house of Hugh and Dee Sloan Pennington, the siblings' parents. And you can just barely make it out, but they are standing in front of the Pennington storm cellar. That old storm cellar was used, "remodeled" of course, up until the early 1980s. After Fessie's tour of naval duty in the Pacific during World War II, which included a typhoon or two, he came home with a new appreciation of thunderstorms and the safety provided by the family's storm cellar. I passed many an electrical storm in that cellar, but I have to say that I was more afraid of the snakes and critters that might have been hiding there than I was of the storm itself.

Pictured above are Pennington siblings Jesse Gordon, Fessie Manuel, Vivian Irene, Gaylord , Mavis Maxine and Clara Nell (Tootsie).

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Ma Jean said...

That looks like Bigdaddy's Shadow, wonder if he was the photographer. Tootsie looks older than 11. I am guessing 1942. Certainly before 1943,because of Fessie and Gaylord being present.