Friday, June 18, 2010

Another death by mule story....

Oak Hill Cemetery
Pontotoc County, Mississippi

Long-time readers will remember the story of Napoleon Bonaparte "Bonie" Johnson who was killed in 1931 after being dragged by a mule with his foot caught in the gear. Here is another accident - in Pontotoc County - of a similar nature. Joe Clayton was the grandson of Ransom Clayton and quite possibly connected to the Claytons of Itawamba County (see earlier posts on the subject).

Pontotoc County Pioneers
Spring 1980 issue
page 114

"The Advance" - Published on Friday's, Pontotoc, Mississippi

May 5, 1913
Tuesday afternoon, late, Joe Clayton, who lived about seven miles northeast of town, was killed in a most horrible manner. He had been plowing and it seems he'd started to the house when the mule threw him and his foot becoming entangled in the gears which he was unable to extricate and when found was dead, being mangled and bruised frightfully. When he failed to come home at the usual time, his oldest boy was sent to look for him and found him dead with his foot fastened in the gear and the mule still running with him, but almost run down. Besides his wife, he leaves several children, the youngest being only six weeks old and many relatives and friends. His remains were interred in the Oak Hill Cemetery, yesterday.

* * *
I've been to Oak Hill Cemetery and thought I found all Claytons and Bowens buried there. Perhaps I overlooked Joseph R. "Joe" Clayton's tombstone, or maybe he is buried in an unmarked grave. Joe was the son of James Clayton and Susan Catherine Greene.

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