Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mrs. Thornberry

Mrs. Euple Thornberry died today at the age of 99. Mrs. Thornberry was a long-time Itawamba educator and well-loved teacher. Married to Professor J. Erskin Thornberry, also an Itawamba County educator, she was widowed in 1941. Mrs. Thornberry had no children of her own but was a mentor and "mother" to literally thousands of Itawamba County schoolchildren. As an interesting side note, Mrs. Thornberry taught both my husband as well as Madge Orr Stubblefield, in their seventh grade year. My husband is 53, and I won't divulge Mrs. Stubblefield's age.

Her parents were Rhoton W. Moore and Alice Brown. Her grandfather was Andrew Lafayette "Fayette" Brown, a well-known Missionary Baptist minister of Itawamba County.

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