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Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Johnson

Itawamba County News
April 21, 1921
Burntfields News

Mr. T. J. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson were visiting on Brown’s Creek when the big rains came, and being anxious to get home so they pulled out next morning with Henry Hall for a pilot, going all the nigh ways and through fields and country roads until they were near the bridge on Mackey’s creek. A lady came out and told them it was dangerous. Henry says, “We will go on down there and see,” Henry being well acquainted with the bottom. He says, “I think I can put you across safe,” and we crossed the bridge, and we went on some distance through the bottom, splash, splash, and all at once Henry stopped and said: “I think here we will have to swim a piece, and we have nothing to tie our wagon bed down,” So he swam across and I right after him, and we continued our route, splash, splash, until we reached Moore’s Mill, where we took another road to avoid some deep water, and in crossing a ditch on this route my mules went into it a little too fast, and when the wagon went in I went overboard, and looking back as I went down, I saw Mrs. Johnson coming right out on me, I says, “O Lord I am a goner this time,” but she missed me, and the wagon ran over my legs and I went off down the bottom on my all fours like a racking coon to escape the hind wheels running over me. So Mr. Johnson ran two mighty narrow risks, but came out with a game leg and a bad case of sore eyes, but he got home at last, Mrs. Johnson went out on her feet and received a bad jolt, but was not hurt much.

* * * *

Mr. T. J. Johnson was Thomas Jefferson "Bud" Johnson, son of Henry Ellis Johnson, Sr. and Sarah Ingle, while Mrs. T. J. Johnson was Laura Elizabeth Jamerson, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Jamerson, Sr. and Susan Elizabeth Ross. Both Bud and Laura's parents were early settlers in the Mud Creek area of northern Itawamba County. I found the above newspaper item delightful and hope you do too. It is repeated here exactly as it was published; it's a bit confusing to follow because it switches from third person to first person narrative, but I believe that the first person "I" is Mr. Johnson.

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