Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lawrence Tucker, 1910-1978

Mary Williams Dulaney identified this picture of her first cousin, Lawrence Tucker, who was born January 10, 1910. Lawrence was the son of Thomas "Tommy" Tucker and Ollie L. Johnson. Mary and Lawrence were two of several grandchildren of Napolian A. "Poley" Johnson and Mary Lester, along with Olun Dulaney who is mentioned below as an overnight guest of Lawrence. Velma, Olema, Ruby and Onnie Johnson, and Ival Tucker, were cousins out of Napolian's brothers. Families sure were a lot closer back then, weren't they?

Fulton News Beacon
April 30, 1931
Pine Grove
Mr. Onnie Johnson spent Saturday night with Mr. Lawrncie Tucker.
Misses Olema and Ruby Johnson, Miss Ival Tucker, Mr. Larncie Tucker and Mr. Oliver Mitchell were pleasant dinner guests of Mr. Onnie and Velma Johnson Sunday.

Fulton News Beacon
October 15, 1931
Fulton Route 4
Mr. Olun Dulaney spent Saturday night with Mr. Lawrence Tucker.

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