Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Granny and Granpa Sloan


Some of the best photographs to come out of the Sloan Reunion held last month in Peaceful Valley were those of the older generation of Sloans.   I always feel fortunate when a single photograph turns up of one of my ancestors who was born just prior to the Civil War, so  I was tickled when the above picture was shared by Nettie Armstrong Calhoun at the reunion.  In the photograph are:  Malissia Potts Sloan (Granny) and Jackson Samuel Sloan (Granpa) with their grandchildren: Ann Sloan, daughter of Luther Sloan, and Granville Armstrong, son of Augusta "Gussie" Sloan Armstrong.  Luther and Gussie were the youngest children of Jack and Malissia Sloan.
Since Ann Sloan was born in September 1921 and Granville in November 1920, it would appear that this photo was made in early spring of 1922.    Looks like some land clearing was going on at the time.  Also, look at the big hands of Jackson Sloan.

More to come.... 

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