Friday, November 5, 2010

Sloan Children - in person and portraits

From the original photograph of Richard & Ellen Sloan's family, posted here, I cropped out the portion shown above.   Cousin Rita worked her usual magic and cleaned up the scratches and spots found on the originally scanned image (bottom).   

The three children pictured are, left to right: Rosa Lee Sloan Berryman, Richard Gaston Sloan, and Rebecca Sloan Attaway.  

Rosa married Alfred Louis Berryman when she was 30 years old, and the 1930 census shows the couple and their daughters, Helen and Olena, living on Pine Grove Road in Monroe County.    Rosa died in 1969 and is supposedly buried in Liberty Cemetery near Nettleton.  Not much more than that is known about Rosa.

There is also not much known about Richard Gaston Sloan.  He was 33 years old in the 1930 census, still single and living at home.    My notes indicate that he was later married to Mary Evelyn Patterson, and social security death records show that he died in Kansas City, Missouri in 1973.  I don't know if he had children or not.

Rebecca, whose nickname was Becky, was 28 years old when she married Claude Attaway in 1922.  Becky and Claude lived near Nettleton with their two sons, Reed and Ruble.   Ruble was killed in the Philippines during World War II.  Like her sister, Becky is buried in Liberty Cemetery.   

The large portraits propped up on the porch behind these three children are of Dick and Ellen Sloan's oldest two children:  Roman Fred Sloan and Minnie L. Sloan, who were  already married at the time of the photograph.

Roman Fred Sloan was married to Clara Pearl Ridings who was the daughter of William and Martha Ridings and a sister to Dora Belle Ridings who married John Gainey Sloan.  Thus, Gainey Sloan and Roman Sloan were first cousins who married sisters.   Shortly after their marriage in 1911, Roman and Clara moved to Texas where they raised their family of seven children.   They are buried in Small Cemetery near Edgewood in Van Zandt County, Texas.

Minnie L. Sloan, the oldest child of Dick and Ellen Sloan, married Clifford Rayburn in March 1910.  The census for that year shows that the couple were living with Clifford's parents in the Bounds Crossroads precinct (where the Rayburns also lived in the 1900 census).   Anyone familiar with the geography of Itawamba County will wonder how these two met since Bounds Crossroads is near Red Bay, Alabama in the northern part of the county while the Sloan family lived in the southernmost part of the county.  Not only distance, but the waters of the Tombigbee River separated the families.  This would also explain why Minnie was not present at the family photograph in 1914.

Interestingly, Clifford Rayburn also had a sister named Minnie, and she married Ebenezer Clifton Sloan, a brother of Gainey Sloan.   Again, this was a situation of first cousins marrying siblings.   If anyone knows how they met, I'd love to hear about it.

Minnie and Clifford Rayburn were found in 1920 living near her parents in the Cardsville (Peaceful Valley) precinct although it is my understanding that they moved to Greenwood, Mississippi sometime after 1930.  They are buried in Itawamba County, however, in Wiygul Cemetery.

Other children of Dick and Ellen Sloan that are not shown in the cropped photograph (see original post) were Pallie W. Sloan, Roberta Lavell Sloan, Roy Medford Sloan and Ogal Alton Sloan.  I'll have a later post about them.


Ma Jean said...

Glad to see you back on your blog. Have been enjoying the info on Uncle Dick,s family.

Richard, Rich, did have children. I can,t remember their names,as I was too small. I do remember them living in a house down the road very near his Dad,s old house.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the other pics from the Sloan reunion.

Kirk said...

Hey, Mona

As Momma said, it's good to see you back again. I've enjoyed the reading and learning of the family history tales.