Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sloan Children - youngest four

Here is another cropped picture of the Sloan family, this one featuring the four youngest children of Richard and Ellen Potts Sloan.    Check out the original, full photograph of the Sloan family here and of the other children here.  
Continuing with the before and after theme, you can compare the originally scanned version of the photograph against the edited version provided by Cousin Rita.  Since the original photograph was missing a corner, Rita had to create a face for young Ogal Alton Sloan using his siblings as a guide.  She did a great job, don't you think?

Pictured above are:  Pallie W. Sloan, Roy Medford Sloan, Roberta Lavell Sloan, and Ogal Alton Sloan.

Pallie is an odd name, and at first I was convinced that her name was actually Pollie instead.  But census records consistently show that she was Pallie with an 'a'.  Pallie was  born in 1898 and married about 1918, and although most census records indicate that her husband's name was Bardie, my records show his name was Ellie Vardaman Kendrick, son of George Milton Kendrick.   In 1930 the couple was living on Highway 25 in Itawamba County with their nine year old daughter Maureen.  It is believed that Pallie and her husband moved to George County in southern Mississippi though I've found no death or burial records for them there.   Their daughter (and perhaps only child), Maureen, married James E. Davis and they are buried in Moffett Cemetery in George County.

Roy Medford Sloan was born in December 1901.  A death certificate in Texas indicates that he was living in Houston when he died there in 1932; this record also indicates he was married to a woman named Neta and that he was a disabled veteran.  Unfortunately there was no information as to cause of death.  Una Sloan Newton, who compiled much information on the Sloan family, reported that Medford joined the Navy as a young man.  

Roberta Lavell Sloan, known as Bertie, was born in May 1900.  She married William Chester Fowler in 1923, and they had two known sons, Harold and William Chester Jr.   Bertie died in 1966, and an abstract of her obituary indicates that she lived most of her life near Nettleton in Monroe County. 

The youngest child of Richard and Ellen was Ogal Alton Sloan who was born in April 1907.  He was known as O.A. or Alton, and newspaper clippings I've found indicate that he was a gospel singer and attended New Bethel Church.   In his sister Rebecca's 1971 obituary, Alton was shown as living in Kansas City.   Una Sloan Newton reported that Alton and his wife, Estelle (Hood), moved to Emporia, Kansas during the 1940s while Florida death records indicate that Ogal Alton Sloan died in Brevard County, Florida on October 28, 1985.   He and Estelle had at least two children:  Aubrey and Mary.

If anyone has further information on the children of Richard and Ellen Sloan, I would appreciate if they would contact me. 

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