Friday, November 19, 2010

Augusta Etoie Sloan Armstrong

Augusta Etoie Sloan, known as Gus or Gussie, was born December 2, 1896, the youngest child of Jackson Samuel Sloan and Malissia Caroline Potts.  She was a beautiful woman and quite vivacious, I'm told.   Although born in Itawamba County, she lived most of her life in Monroe County where she moved with her husband, Joseph Walker Armstrong.  Gussie and Joseph had twelve children together; their daughter, Nettie, attended the recent Sloan Reunion and shared several old photographs with us.  Many thanks to her for her generosity.

Below is a snapshot of my grandfather, Fessie Pennington, with his Aunt Gus, made at the annual Sloan Christmas Party in 1984.  Fessie died of complications from surgery for lung cancer in January, and Gus died the following December.

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