Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grandmother of John Claudus Todd

John Claudus Todd was married to a daughter of my great-great grandfather Jackson Samuel Sloan, Alvie Retha Belle Sloan.   Alvie Sloan Todd married John Claudus Todd about 1903, and they had seven children together before her untimely death in 1925.  The 1920 census indicates the family was living in Beat 3, Itawamba County, and based upon the previous 1910 census and John C. Todd's draft registration card for World War I, the family appears to have been living in Itawamba County from 1910 until 1920.  Below is the 1920 census which is absent a son, John A., who was born about 1910 and died as a child before 1920:

1920 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 3 (same neighbors as previous census, doesn't appear to have moved from Carolina)
John C. Todd 39 AL GA AL farmer, owns home
Alvie R. 38 MS AL MS
Sammie L. 15 MS daughter
Akeliss 14 MS son
Malissie L. 8 MS daughter
Bee M. 6 MS son
Effie O. 4 MS daughter
Robert A. 1 yr 5 mo MS son

Alvie Sloan Todd died in 1925 and was buried in Carolina Cemetery in Itawamba County, after which time John Claudus Todd moved to Jefferson County, Alabama where he died in 1971 at the ripe old age of 90. 

So, who is the woman in the picture?  She is Elizabeth Diadema (Trout) Morris, wife of John R. Morris.   Their daughter, Missouri Palestine Morris, married Jonathan Criswell Stokely Todd, and it was their son John Claudus Todd who married Alvie Retha Belle Sloan.

Elizabeth Diadema Morris was born in Georgia in 1825 and died in Fannin County, Texas in 1895. 

Many thanks to blog reader Sue of Chilton County, Alabama.  Sue has many connections to Itawamba County through the Spearman and Jamerson families in addition to Christian, Lesley and Rankin families and others.

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