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Jesse Alvin Senter

Jesse Alvin Senter

March 27, 1924
Itawamba County News

Local Items
We regret to learn that Mr. Jesse Senter is at Tupelo Hospital suffering from blood poison which is said to have started from a small place on his hand. He is the son of the late T. A. Senter who died while serving the county as Chancery Clerk.

April 24, 1924
Itawamba County News

Mr. Jesse A. Senter, oldest son of Mr. T. A. Senter, former Chancery Clerk of this county, died at his home a few miles north of town the past week.  Mr. Senter was a progressive farmer and one who endeavored to do his duty in the community where he was reared and has always lived.  He was married several years ago to Miss May Dulaney, only daughter of the late A. Dulaney, who served the first district as supervisor toward the later years of his life.  He is survived by his wife and several children and a host of other relatives, including his mother and his grandmother, and a host of friends to mourn his departure.  We are sorry that we will see him in town no more.

May 28, 1924
Itawamba County News

On April 28, 1924, the Death Angel visited our house and called our loving father to a better land.

He was born July 9, 1875, died April 18, 1924 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant cemetery April 19, at 10 a.m., Bro. E. M. Young conducting the service.

He was a quiet and loving father, always ready and even sought the opportunity of emitting that saintly sunshine so soothing to those burdened with life’s toils and cares.  He bore the troubles and cares of life with a fortitude characteristic of those whose highest aim is to do good.  In his last agonies he meekly submitted to Him who giveth and taketh away.  He became a member of the Baptist church in early life.

Father has gone to a better land and home is so lonely without him, but we look forward to that sweet meeting up yonder where we will meet around that great white throne to part no more.

Written by his loving daughter,


Kirk said...

Hey Mona,

Great blogs. Jessie & Nervia Mae were the grandparents of Wilda, my mother-in-law. Her parents were Avis & Edith Senter. In the photo of Nervia Mae with her children, Avis is the one on the far, right top.

Kirk said...

Also, in the 2nd funeral picture, the girl walking on the right side, is Wilda.

Arvil said...

I b'lieve Miss Jessie's great grand boy Luke will be Miss Mona's grand boy too.

Kirk said...