Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great-Great Uncle Bud Stewart

Laura Stewart Pennington was my great-great grandmother, and pictured above is her brother Daniel Hugh "Bud" Stewart.   Laura and Bud were the children of Daniel Stewart and Alpha Jane Jackson; two additional children were Lenora and Mary Jane.   Daniel and Jane were both Georgia natives who moved to Fayette County, Alabama before the start of the Civil War.  Daniel died during the war, and his widow eventually remarried to Francis Malloy and moved to the Shannon/Okolona area of Mississippi.   Jane is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Shannon.

Jane's oldest daughter, Laura, my great-great grandmother, married James J. "Jim" Pennington on December 24, 1879 in the home of her step-father, Francis Malloy.   Around 1890, Laura and Jim moved to southwestern Itawamba County, to the area known as Lost Corner.  They both died an untimely death from "galloping tuberculosis" and were buried in Wiygul Cemetery.

Jane's only son by Daniel Stewart is pictured above.  Daniel Hugh "Bud" Stewart was born in April 1860 in Alabama.   He was married to Peggy Elvira Berryhill, and in the early 1900s they moved from Lamar County, Alabama to Lee County, Mississippi.   Bud farmed and operated a country store just down the road from Pleasant Grove Methodist Church.  The cemetery across the road from the church contains the graves of Bud and Peggy and several of their children.  Bud died in 1931.

Many thanks to Bud's great-grandson, Paul Armstrong, for sharing the photograph and information with me.   I am trying to find out more information about Bud and Laura's father, Daniel:  his CSA regiment, service and place of death.  I also need information about Bud and Laura's sisters, Lenora and Mary Jane.

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Sherri Tyson said...

Mona, thank you for the write-up. "Bud" is my 2nd-great-grandfather. I would love to see more about the Stewart family. I am planning to visit Lee County after Christmas this year.
Sherri Barnett Tyson