Monday, December 27, 2010

Nervia May Dulaney Senter

Nervia May Senter was widowed at a young age with nine children, the youngest child being Jessie Bane Senter who was named for her father, Jesse Alvin Senter, and who is seated in her mother's lap, above.  That little girl grew up, married Harlon Wilburn Jamerson, and still lives in the Sandy Springs community of Itawamba County.

May was born February 18, 1883, the only daughter of Alfred "Babe" Dulaney and Lucinda Alabama "Allie" Chilcoat.   "Babe" enlisted at the age of sixteen in the Confederate army, and that makes Jessie Bane Senter Jamerson perhaps the only living grandchild of a Confederate soldier in Itawamba County.  Babe also was a Supervisor of the first district of Itawamba County, while Jessie's other grandfather, Thomas Alfred Senter, served as Chancery Clerk of Itawamba County.

Children of Jesse Alvin and May Senter were (in order of their birth):  Jewell Estelle Senter (married Thomas Rex Dulaney, a distant cousin),  Prentiss E. Senter (married Ruth Johnson), Avis Grady Senter (married Edith Layla Graham), Lawrence R. Senter (died at the age of 17, two years after the death of his father), Victor Ray Senter (married Janna Fae Graham), Hershel L. Senter (married Gola Bates), Judie B. Senter (married R. C. Jamerson), Dessie Wayne Senter (married Trannie Etchel "Pete" Johnson), and Jessie Bane Senter (married Harlon Wayne Jamerson).

Based on the ages of the children, I believe that Prentiss is probably the one on the back row, far left, of the above photograph while his sister Jewell is standing next to him.   The other two boys on the back row are Avis and Lawrence although I don't know which is which.   The two younger boys in the middle row are Ray and Hershel, but again I don't know which is which (or who is who!).   On the left side, front row, is Dessie Wayne and on the other side of her mother is Judie.   Of course, the lap child is Jessie Bane Senter Jamerson who shared this picture of her family with Cousin Don.


Anonymous said...

Lucinda Alabama - for a given name; have you wondered how many of the United States are "honored" by having the state's name given to an infant girl? Or why? I have seen Arizona, Texaria Holloway (I assume they were basing that on Texas); also, Missouri. Oh, of course there are many little baby girls named Georgia and Virginia. My paternal grandfather had a sister named Michigan (I believe they pronounced it as if it were Mitch-igan). Can anyone add to this interesting subject? bettye

Tess said...

It was nice to see my great aunt's name listed here. Ruth Evaline Johnson Senter was my grandmother's(Lola Pearl Johnson Kennedy) baby sister of the five siblings. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking over your blog. Keep up the great work!!