Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kirk!

Kirk turns 50 today!


Anonymous said...

Would you look at "them" cowboy boots?! Well, Kirk, you could play cowboy/farmer in that get up while riding your tractor and pretending it was a horse, maybe? Thanks for the memories of raising little boys, Mona. . . . and do enjoy your day, Kirk. bettye

Kirk Robinson said...

Thanks to everyone. Just another day in these years!

Natalie said...

Happy "Late" Birthday, Kirk!
Do you still have that tractor - they just don't make them like that anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey where ever you are! When did you last post to your blog? Well! that's too long!

We stopped at a local farmer's market to buy some green tomatoes for frying on the way home from doing cemetery photographs for and I also bought a pound each of shelled purple hull peas and baby lima beans. There were 2 small to medium sized green tomatoes, and I paid $10.50 for that small amount of fresh goodness. . . it must be a bad year all over for growing vegetables and melons. bettye