Monday, July 26, 2010

Issues with Dell

Excuse me while I use this space to gripe about my recent experience with Dell Computers. When asked what brand he would recommend as a new replacement for my broken laptop, the guy at the computer repair shop immediately said Dell. I immediately went home and, using my husband's computer, ordered what was an essentially out-of-the-box laptop with no added bells or whistles. The website said this computer was available for shipping within 24 hours and gave the next day's date as the date of shipping.


As it turns out, this was a sales gimmick. My confirmation e-mail, which I immediately received, indicated that I should receive my newly ordered laptop on or before August 3rd. I rationalized at the time that probably all orders had a couple of weeks tacked onto the estimated delivery date.


I waited until 48 hours and then tried to reach Dell through their online chat service. Nope, it wasn't working.... so I called their support number and reached somebody somewhere across the ocean. After a few minutes of trying to communicate my concern, he transferred me to a department that he said could check on the status of my order.


He actually transferred me back to the support call center because I had to go through the same song and dance with that operator, again somebody somewhere across the ocean. This operator informed me that Dell didn't make out-of-the-box computers, that each computer was specially built for the customer, and that she couldn't help me since she was only the operator and that I needed to talk to somebody about cancelling my order.


She transferred me back to the original call center where once again I was asked for the same information. This time I hung up and looked for another telephone number, one for the sales department, my reasoning being that sales folks are much eager to help you than folks in the customer service department. Bingo. I reached a very nice young lady, obviously American, who sympathized with my plight. She was very familiar with the 24 hour "fast track" shipping of certain computers but could not tell me why the status of my laptop changed immediately after I ordered it from a 24 hour fast track computer to a 13 day slow track computer. I asked her to find me a substitute computer that was on Dell's "Fast Track" program. She gave me a model number and description, and I thanked her, told her I would check it out and call her back on the direct number and extention that she had given me.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the laptop she told me was part of their "Fast Track, 24 hour shipping program" was identical to the one I had ordered, down to every little wire, except that Dell would ship it within 24 hours for an additional $64. I called the very nice young lady back to tell her thanks, but no thanks, but her extension was busy and the answering machine said that my call would be directed to another person who could help me.


After being placed on hold for about thirty seconds, a voice informed me that my call could not be completed and that I would be disconnected.

I placed a very strong comment on Dell's online support site and received the usual, canned response that I would be hearing from them.


Haven't heard a peep. My order status still shows "in production." I've been told that I will be able to send the computer back to Dell once I receive it, for a full refund. We'll see. Hope I am not wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

Mona, Sounds like Dell Hell to me......Hope you get out soon!!. We miss you. Bobby Pennington

Anonymous said...

Mona, the REALLY BAD part of this with Dell is you CANNOT ADD ONE BELL OR WHISTLE once the case has been "wrapped" around the innards!! If you can cancel Mr. Dell's creative invention, I'd suggest going to a Best Buy or Fry's if there is one near you! Ron has had great success with the one he got at Fry's about a year and half ago.

If for any reason you have to send it back in (to Round Rock, TX) for service (if somethng doesn't work when you get it), it may take 6 months to get it back. We know someone who experienced this so we don't touch Dell products at our house. . . .bettye

Anonymous said...

Nothing does my blood pressure more harm than having to deal with "tech support" for any reason.

James A.

Rebekah said...

Looks like daughter is always right... Apple.


Arvel said...

Happy birthday to Miss Mona!

Kirk Robinson said...

Mona, I have to agree with Rebekah. I've recently junked my HP computer and started with a Mac Pro. I am never going back to a Window's computer.


Anonymous said...

Well!, whatta ya know??? Hope you have had a happy birthday after getting all the "younguns" relocated - set yourself down and put your feet up ol' lady!! I'm not serious - you know how old this bod is!! bettye