Monday, July 5, 2010

Fish, Elvis and Fireworks... Peaceful Valley style

Saturday in Peaceful Valley, Aunt Tootsie hosted a fishfry under the shade tree behind her house. Friends and family gathered to enjoy the bounty of food and discuss their various relationships with Elvis. You know the one, that Presley fellow. Mike made the mistake(!) of announcing that since it was Elvis's 75th birthday, he would have a piece of lemon icebox pie. As he later remarked, how many family gatherings would have the number of people within the group that actually knew Elvis's birthdate (January 8)?! He was loudly corrected by several folks, all at once, that Elvis was born in January, on the 8th, and not in July, and then there was a discussion of who among us was related to Elvis and how. Mike stirred up a hornet's nest with his remark, but what he actually meant was that this was the year of celebration of Elvis's 75th birthday (if he were still with us, that is). Any excuse for a piece of Hoyt's pie, I say.

After the food and fellowship, it was time for fireworks, --Peaceful Valley style. Cousin Garrett, out of school for the summer and with time on his hands, built a potato launcher, and the crowd was treated to explosions of potatoes, tomatoes and leftover french fries across the pasture.


Anonymous said...

Okay, dummy here will bite and ask the question! That last dish pictured looks delicious, but what is it? Oh, to taste a good home grown tomato!;they do look tastey and we know I can't eat seedy stuff any more. . . .bettye

Mona Robinson Mills said...

That was an artichoke dip, or what's left of it. Or where you referring to the second picture of fried fish? Everything was good that I had a taste of, but no tomatoes for me ether, Bettye! Blegh!

Anonymous said...

Talk about being related to Elvis! My husband is Elvis' fifth cousin once removed through the Manscill line. My husband's great grandfather was a brother to Elvis' great great grandfather.