Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time Out

Sorry, folks, for the lack of posts. July has been a busy month for the Mills Family. There has been lots of moving about.... all kids moving to different accomodations..... plus new calves, a house trailer renovation (yep), and the endless watering of plants and flowers that comes with a hot, dry summer. During last week's visit to New Orleans to visit my daughters, get Rebekah settled in her new digs and do a little research on the side at the New Orleans Public Library, my computer went down. Thankfully, I was able to eventually get it rebooted long enough to get a backup of my data and precious old photographs, but as soon as I got home to Oxford, Mr. Laptop went to the computer doctor for tests and a diagnosis. They are supposed to let me know something in the next day or two, and hopefully it will be something that can be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Until I can get my laptop back, I'm out of the blog business! In the meantime, there's still lots to be done including another weekend of moving. See you soon!

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