Monday, July 12, 2010

Elvis in New Orleans

You never know where Itawamba-connected Elvis Presley will show up next! I am in New Orleans for several days, and this past Saturday there was the New Orleans version of Pamplona, Spain's "Running of the Bulls." This year's festival was the third such event in New Orleans, and along with its usual participation by the city's all-female roller derby team enacting the role of the bulls, the Rolling Elvi Krewe also were around for added color. Look closely, in the middle of the above photo, for one of the krewe on a roller bike. This photograph was made at the end of the parade route.


Anonymous said...

I never knew that Elvis was born in Itawamba Co. I thought it was in east Tupelo (where the little house and grounds have been restored and kept up as a tourist trap! complete with the bronze statute of Elvis and his first guitar in the gardens. bettye

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bettye, you are absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. This was a hurried post as you can probably tell, while in New Orleans. Elvis was NOT born in Itawamba County... his father and paternal grandparents and great-grantparents etc. were born in Itawamba County.