Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buckner and Emma Loden

Juddah Buckner and Emma C. Loden
with daughter, Lora

You can learn a lot from census records; each one is a snapshot of a family on a particular date every ten years. It is a fascinating glimpse into our family's past. From the four decades of census records below, we know where Buck and Emma were born, where their parents were born, how many children they had, when they married, where they were living, even Emma's maiden name by the fact that her brother was residing with the couple during one particular census period. The Loden and Sheffield families are well-known in Itawamba County. See how many names you recognize below.
Census records are released every ten years, and we should expect to see the 1940 census released next year. Wonder what it will tell us about Buck and Emma's family?

1900 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 3
Buckner Loden 23 AL AL AL farmer, born July 1876, married 2 years
Emma Loden 19 MS AL MS, born April 1881, 2 children, 2 living
Lora, daughter, born Jan 1899
Clepton, son, born Apr 1900
Samuel Sheffield, brother-in-law, 22 AL AL MS, no occupation, born Nov 1877

1910 Cenusus
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 3, Greenwood Community
Buck Loden 33 MS AL AL, farmer, married 12 years
Emlie 28 MS MS AL, 7 children, 7 living
Lora, daughter, 11
Clenton, son, 9
Lila, daughter, 8
Corrine, daughter, 6
Jasper, son, 4
Fannie Lee, daughter, 2
Adolphus, son, 9 mo.

1920 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 3
Juddah B. Loden, 44 MS AL AL, farmer
Emma 38, MS MS AL
Robert C., son, 19
Lila, daughter, 18
Corinna, daughter, 16
Jasper N., son, 14
Fannie L., daughter, 12
Adolphus L, son, 9
Glen C., son, 8
Pauline C, daughter, 7
Audie M., daughter, 5
Emma L., daughter, 2
J. J., son, 2 mo.

1930 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 3, Greenwood & Dorsey Road
Juddah B. Loden, 53 MS AL AL, farmer, owns farm, married at age 22
Emma C., 48 MS MS AL, married at age 17
Adolphus L., son, 20
Glen C., son, 19
Pauline C., daughter, 17
Audrey M., daughter, 15
Emma L., daughter, 12
James J., son, 10
Rachel B., daughter, 8

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Anonymous said...

Let me correct the record. The US Census is open to the public after a 72 year privacy period. The 1940 census is not going to be available next year, but in early April of 2012.