Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Someone's Mother

On a recent cemetery junket along the Mississippi-Alabama state line with fellow cemetery junkie, Don Dulaney, we found the above grave marker. Don took me to Old Temple Cemetery, or Pate's Temple Cemetery, in northeastern Itawamba County. The cemetery is located high atop one of this area's tall hills. What a view during this time of year! And in the summer, it is easy to image the trees surrounding the the small cemetery, providing privacy and coolness.

Although Pate's Temple Cemetery is an old cemetery, this marker for "Mother" appears to be more recent, although still not new by any means. Someone obviously went to a lot of trouble and effort to place this tribute to their mother. Unfortunately, there are no other grave markers around to tell us who "mother" was, and sadly, there are more unmarked graves in this cemetery than there are marked ones.

View beyond cemetery

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Don Dulaney said...

I knew it! When I seen you spy that marker, I knew you would not be able to resist it. Great pics by the way.