Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thusie and 'Em Kids

At least a couple of weeks each year, if not more often, Thusie had all of her grandchildren come for a visit. My father, who lived next door and was an only child, was always excited when 'em kids, as he called them, showed up at his grandparents' house. Thusie had a rule that 'em kids had to entertain themselves outside, and that suited them just fine! They had the run of the Robinson farm which is today located in the subdivision down Willow Road in Fulton. No television, no video games, no computers - nope, all they had were trees, creeks and some perhaps some geese and chicken to chase - but 'em kids had a ball together!

Pictured with Thusie above are her grandkids, standing behind her, left to right: Lucy, Sue, Evagene, Guy Hathorn, and Larrie (all siblings and children of William Lawson Robinson and Lucille Hathorn). In front, left to right: Jo Ann Robinson, with her baby brother Lowrey Marlin Jr. in Thusie's lap, and then my father, James Luke Robinson. Jo Ann and Lowrey were children of L. M. "Buddy" Robinson and Coleen Cummings. Three of Thusie's grandchildren were not yet born when this photo was taken about 1937.

Thusie, or "Grandmomma Robinson" to her grandkids, was Arthusa Parneshia Robinson. She was the daughter of John T. and Elizabeth Evans of Tremont, and was married to Gideon C. Robinson.

Her grandchildren Lucy and Sue live near me in Oxford, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. They have very generously shared their family stories and pictures with me, and I'll be forever grateful . 'Em kids are special people!


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Anonymous said...

It would appear that Sue or maybe Evagene and I would be about the same age - a time when I best remember Thusie's sister or cousin, my great Aunt Agnes Bishop Robinson of Bexar, AL married to Lucian Gaines Robinson son of Henry Johnson Robinson and Susan Florence "Sukey" Evans Robinson. bettye

Kirk Robinson said...

Congratulations,Mona!You do put in the hard work and effort!