Thursday, October 1, 2009


At the recent Dulaney family reunion, folks opened up their photo albums and shared their precious family pictures. This photograph, shared by Linda Watson, really caught my eye. There is just something special about pictures that were taken with a family's mule.

Pictured above are Jettie Tucker Dulaney and her husband Woodrow Wilson Dulaney. Standing to the right is Woodrow's sister, Maudie Dulaney Robinson. Maudie was sixteen years older than her baby brother Woodrow. They were the children of Thomas A. "Bunt" Dulaney and Alice Moxley. Woodrow's wife, Jettie, was the daughter of Monroe Tucker and Alsie Bell Dulaney.

Woodrow was named, of course, after Woodrow Wilson, our 28th president. He was so named because his father thought that Woodrow Wilson was our greatest president.

Maudie's husband was Henry Dayton Robinson, son of William Sydney Robinson and Effie Anthem Dulaney.

The mule's name and bloodlines are unknown!

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