Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lawrence, Pearl and kids

If I am remembering correctly, the kids had been to the fair just before this photograph was taken. Front row: Shirley, Lowell, Frank and J. H. Dulaney. Standing in the back are their parents, Lawrence and Pearl Johnson Dulaney.

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Anonymous said...

Are the animals stuffed and of their "loot" collected at the fair?

I only remember going to the Mississippi State Fair at Tupelo one time and I'm thinking it was in the mid 1930's - I was REALLY quite young when I pulled this stunt; however, I'll never forget it. It was well after dark and I had been staying right by my mother, and somehow we turned a corner where they were "Pitching pennies" or "washer" onto this large board for prizes and the crowd was growing as "the barker" lured passersby to stop and watch when I became entangled in "all those tall legged people" and suddenly I couldn't see or hear mother's voice. I began to wander around hoping I could find her, and finally after what seemed like a whole evening of walking and calling "mother" quietly I staggered and fell onto a man's leg, grabbing his pants leg to keep from falling. Talk about a shocked little girl when she heard her daddy say "Bettye, what are you doing here? where's mother?" and that is when I told him I had lost her. I never cared to go to fairs, large or small until I was grown. bettye