Wednesday, October 7, 2009

J. T. Evans of near Tremont

John Thomas Evans

Itawamba County News tidbits

May 7, 1908
Local News
Mr. John Evans and daughters, of new Tremont, were here last Friday.

May 13, 1909
Mr. J. T. Evans and his little grand daughter, Miss Annie Stone, were here Tuesday. Mr. Evans is one of the fourth district's best citizens and has been in the mercantile business for several years. His many friends there are always glad to see him.

May 16, 1913
Mr. J. T. Evans, merchant south of Tremont, fourth district, was here Monday on business.

October 23, 1913
Mr. J. T. Evans, farmer and merchant who lives near Tremont, and on one of the best farms we are told on Bull Mountain, was here on business last Friday.

May 7, 1914
Local Column
Mr. J. T. Evans and grandson, who live near Tremont, were here last Saturday.

May 6, 1915
Local News
Mr. J. T Evans of Tremont was here on business Saturday.

July 21, 1921
Local News
Mr. J. T. Evans of Tremont was here Monday. He has been in feeble health for some time, and says he never expects to be much more account, and that he has made up his mind that he is ready to go when the Lord wills. [Note: John Thomas Evans lived another eight and one-half years after making up his mind that he was ready to "go." He died in December 1929.]

March 20, 1924
Misses Grace Stone and Jewel Robinson spent Saturday night with the grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Evans.


Anonymous said...

Since the first news article is dated in 1908 mentioning "New Tremont", would you guess that to be about the time when the area ceased to be known as Stonecrossroads?

What is the relation of Mr. Evans to my paternal Great grandmother, Susan Florence "Sukey" Evans Robinson? bettye

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bettye, I was intrigued by the "new Tremont" reference too - not sure what it means. John T. Evans was Sukey's brother, older brother by two years. Do you see any family resemblance?

Anonymous said...

Mona, I can't say that I see the resemblance as the only pictures of Grandma Susan shows her to be a little butterball! sitting in the straight back chair on her front porch doing embroidery or crocheting! - two of her pastimes.

Besides my Granny Kate Robinson Stone, I remember quite well siblings Luna R. Lawhon McRae, Belle R. Crane, Walter "Walt", John Clifford "Cliff", Egbert "Bert" Robinson, all children of Sukey and Henry Johnson Robinson. All other children died before I was born or so early in my infancy that I have no memory of any of them.bettye