Tuesday, October 20, 2009

India Sloan Burdine Pennington

India was the daughter of Jackson Samuel Sloan and Melissa Caroline Potts. That's India's picture above, cropped out of a family photograph taken about 1905. Aunt Indie was married first to Ben Burdine who died in December 1914 from injuries received in a saw milling accident near Amory. There was one son from this marriage, James Elvie Burdine. In 1921, India married once again, to Robert Manuel Penningon. Uncle Robert was the younger brother of India's brother-in-law (her sister's husband) William Hugh Pennington. The couple had been married nearly two years to the day when their son Charles Overton Pennington was born on February 10, 1923. Unfortunately, India did not live but a couple of months after giving birth. After India's death, her infant son was taken in by her sister Dee Sloan Pennington who raised and took care of him like her own son until his father remarried and was able to to care for him.

India Sloan Burdine Pennington is buried at Carolina Cemetery in Itawamba County.

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