Friday, April 2, 2010

Abbie Dulaney

Don Dulaney met a new cousin this past week, and she shared a photograph of her father with him. Marjorie Adams is a descendant of John Dulaney, one of the original three Dulaney brothers who came to Itawamba County in the early 1830s, and she still lives in Baldwyn where Don tracked her down. Marjorie's father was Alfred Guy Adams, nicknamed Abbie, and he was known for his fish ponds as evidenced by the above picture.

Abbie Adams was the grandson of old John Dulaney, born in 1803 in South Carolina and died in 1889 near Baldwyn. Abbie's mother was Flora (sometimes found as Florida or Florinda) Dulaney and his father was John W. Adams.

There were only four children born to John Dulaney's second wife, Martha Patton. One son died young, and the other son had no children. Both of the sons are buried at the Masonic Cemetery at Baldwyn. Of John's two daughters, Mattie moved off to Texas with her family, but his daughter Flora stayed in Baldwyn where many of her descendants can be found today. The descendants of John Dulaney and his first wife, Margaret Martin, are scattered about Itawamba County and beyond.

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Don Dulaney said...

Yaw are right, It does look like Uncle Frank Dulaney.