Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Goes On

All that is left of the old William Hugh Pennington-Ethel Dee Sloan homeplace is this chimney. Termites had destroyed the home's foundation and had invaded the rafters when they were discovered a few years ago. After salvaging as much of the lumber, doors, etc. from the four-room house as possible, it was burned with the help of the Cardsville Volunteer Fire Department. The house, which was built in 1945, held a lot of memories for a lot of folks. We were surprised last spring to see these old-fashioned petunias blooming out of the old fireplace My mother said she remembered that her grandmother grew those flowers but had not seen them blooming in years. Apparently the seeds had remained dormant for over fifty years before reappearing.


Ma Jean said...

Good memories today. Couldn't count the fires built in that fireplace that even I sat in front of, not counting the many others. I can just picture Bigdaddy sitting there with his stick he used for walking, and punching at the fire.

Anonymous said...

Ma Jean, thanks for another mind/memory jogging!! My paternal grandfather, Arthur G. Dyer was a black smith and I have vivid memories of the fireplace tongs, shovel, a long handled "thing" that had a hook along one side that was for turning the logs that he made himself and he sat with this last item in his hand as he sat by the fireplace each evening and as a child forbidden to play with the fire, it seemed that he was constantly moving those hand sewn logs to cause even burning. Maybe that was why he kept it in his hand when grandchildren were around to prevent us from poking in the fire! My goodness!, the small things that can come to mind when reading Mona's blogs. bettye