Monday, April 26, 2010

Peaceful Valley Bees

Some stories can only be captured by photos. Imagine the free bees hanging in a swarm on the young walnut tree, watching my Uncle Pat and son Penn "work" the domesticated bees in the hives. Who has it best? The free bees, or those living in the man-made boxes and drinking free sugar water? Well, the pictures below show that freedom is not forever as Pat and Penn can be seen capturing the wild swarm.

The apiary is just east of Fessie's barn, and the hives belong to Pat and Mike. Penn is turning into a fine apiculturalist, and the colorful hive, or brood, boxes were painted by Rebekah.

These Peaceful Valley bees have a diverse background. Most are Italian, but there are Russian and Carnolian bees as well. Of course, now they are all Itawambians!

Photos are courtesy of Cousin Don Dulaney.

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Anonymous said...

In my youth those overalls worn by "Uncle Pat" were called "overhalls". I honestly thought they were different garments!

There was a large arborvitae on the corner of the bedroom wing of our house many years ago (1970's) and one day I sat sewing and heard a humming noise and stood up to look out and straight into the face of a huge bee swarm. Benbrook had a beekeeper back then and gladly came and claimed the bees - this swarm filled a 33 gallon garbage can! I guess that 3 foot distance was as close as I ever encountered a swarm of bees.

You mentioned the sweet water for the bees - I don't recall my grandfather Morman B. Stone ever putting sweet water out for his bees in the cowpasture - could it be because there were fruit trees nearby - apple, peach, pear, plum and pomegrante? bettye