Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

A few scenes from the Easter gathering at Peaceful Valley yesterday. Next year we hope to have some little ones toddling around, something that we haven't had in quite a while. Penningtons have been gathering to hunt eggs for centuries (!) in Peaceful Valley, but this year we had the pleasure of the visit of the Easter Bunny.


Anonymous said...

The Easter Bunny may have taken the prize for attending the Pennington descendant lunch feast and egg hunt in Peaceful Valley; however, who ever made the centerpiece - that coconut cake - did herself proud!

The other foods don't look bad either! I think the Robinson families produced great cooks who who took pride in sharig and teaching the next generation to do the same, wouldn't you agree? I was lucky/blessed to have "one of those" myself as well as the Sullivan daughter who was my maternal grandmother.

Will the expected grandchild at the Mills home be old enough to walk by next Easter? Prepare yourself, grandparents are a breed all their own. haha - the nice part is when they cry, you can hand them off to a parent and wait for the next opportunity. . . . bettye

Anonymous said...

Seems like another wonderful Pennington family gathering in Peaceful Valley.

Vivian Pennington