Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Worm Fiddling

Don Dulaney is a man of many talents, but I never knew worm fiddling was one of them. Worm fiddling, also known as worm charming or worm grunting, is the practice of vibrating the soil to cause earthworms to move to the surface. Don is using a saw with a wooden stake to vibrate the earth, and the results of his efforts are revealed in the second photo. It is good to know that there are some Itawambians who still practice this practically lost art. Don fiddled up this worm (and hopefully others!) in the Bull Mountain bottom of Itawamba County this past weekend.

Spring time is the best time for fiddling worms, especially after a rain when the soil is moist. These days, bait shops supply worms for fishermen, but if you are willing to work a little and have some patience, worms can be obtained by a fairly simple technique. Ask Don to give you a demonstration.

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Kirk Robinson said...

Another fine talent for this man.Don, next time I see you, I've got to ask you to perform this.

Mona, I'm amazed of how you put out a new article almost everyday.Each family tale gives great backgrounds and interesting information.

I truly salute you for your will and ability to share these stories with us.