Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to my husband. Wasn't he a cute little boy? This photo was taken behind his Granpa Henry Mills house near Fairview. See the washpot in the background? We have it on our back porch, as a coffee table with a glass top.

Happy Birthday, Mike! I love you!


Rebekah said...

Happy birthday, daddy!

Anonymous said...

Birthday boy, your mama must have had a big relief when you were born in the hottest time of summer!! Oh, I can relate as our youngest son was born on June 4th, 1960 and nope, we didn't own an air conditioned car back in those days!! BTW, you were a cute little booger!!

You've come a long ways, stay well and have many many more! bettye

Arvel said...

Well the Judge said to thank of yens for the Happy Birthday and the sweet comments. He also said if you will go to Rebekah's vintage ambrosia blog and check out the old blogs for July 27 you will see a fine looking lass in a mini-skirt and understand how an ol' boy from Itawamba County got lassoed about 34 year ago and aint never regretted it. That's what he tol me.

Anonymous said...

Arvel, "ain't" we all glad that the Birthday Boy has the same feelings for his bride as he did those 34 years ago? I got to thinking about this date, actually tomorrow - our Mikey got married on this day in 1976!! bettye

Ken Dulaney said...

Happy birthday cousin, although I am terribly late. This is one of the best photo's I have seen this year. Thank you Mona for sharing it.

He hasn't changed that much has he?