Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tremont Ladies

Basil Earnest shared this photograph with me earlier this year. The lady on the left, in the rear, is Mary Pearl Evans Stone, but the other ladies are unidentified. One might suggest that the older woman in the photograph was the mother of the three younger females, however, the older woman pictured here is not Elizabeth Bishop Evans, mother of Mary Pearl Evans. The other females do not appear to be Mary Pearl's sisters either, one of which would have been my great-grandmother Thusie Evans Robinson.

Mary Pearl Evans was married to William Gayland "Willie" Stone, son of John Henry Stone, Sr. and Florence Emmaline Cowden. It is possible that the older woman in the photograph is Florence Cowden Stone and the other young ladies could be some of her daughters.

Mary Pearl Evans was born in 1879 to John Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Ann Bishop, and died in 1930. Her daughter was Basil's mother-in-law, Annie Maye Stone Robinson.


Anonymous said...

Mona, according to my Tremont Stone family line data, William Gayland Stone had 3 older sisters - I'll let you decide if they might be the young women pictured with Mary Pearl Evans stone that my granddaddy Morman Stone always referred to as "Cousin" Pearl.

Mary Ophelia Stone b: Jul. 9, 1860 and married to Dr. Achilles Moorman, the Bexar doctor.

Josephine Stone b: Feb. 8, 1863 and was married to Sanford or Samuel Chapman Parham.

Julia Melverda Stone b: Jan. 14, 1865 and married to Robert Clay Gaither.

Since you show that Mary Pearl was born in 1879 and does appear to be younger than the other 3 ladies suggests that you may be right in thinking they were her sisters-in-law. bettye

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bettye, that was the only conclusion I could draw. The owner of the photograph didn't know anything other than the identity of Pearl Stone Robinson.