Monday, August 16, 2010

Charlie & Zora Hood Family

Charles C. "Charlie" Dulaney and Zora Hood were both Itawamba natives and lifelong residents of the county. Charlie, the son of Joseph "Joe" Benjamin Dulaney and Martha Ann Johnson, was a family historian who passed his love of history down to his children. Zora was the daughter of Rev. Joshua Hood and Elizabeth "Betty" Swindle.

This photograph was provided by Charlie and Zora's daughter-in-law, Mary Johnson Dulaney who was married to Clastel Dulaney. Her notes indicate that the photograph was made in front of the "old Bud Steele house" in Itawamba County.

Identified in the photograph are: Zora Hood Dulaney, standing left rear, holding Clothel Dulaney. The other lady is identified as "Vine" Steele holding "Baby" Steele. The children standing in front are Exie (assumed to be a Steele), Vastle Dulaney, Clastel Dulaney and Vecil Dulaney. Based on Clothel's birth date, it would appear that this picture was made about 1922 or 1923.

I need some help here if anyone knows anything about the Bud Steele family and who Vine/Viney Steele and Exie were.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having the most interesting information about Itawamba County and the people who lived (live) there. I stumbled upon this and will certainly make it a practice to check it out periodically.

Thank you for your good work! Gloria Reid

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thank you, Gloria. I appreciate your kind words. This blog is certainly a labor of love.

margaret said...

The woman named Viney was my aunt Martha Melvina Steele, I am Margaret Ann Steele, daughter of Trumal M Steele (Mack). Oscar and Florence Steele's grand daughter. I have never seen this picture but I sure do recognize my Aunt Vina. Thanks!for posting it!
I also have some Steele family Pictures to share

margaret said...

I have never seen this picture before,but I recognize My aunt Vina,(Martha Melvina Steele)Thanks for posting it!
I also have some pictures to share, this is my first look at this site and it won't be my last! I cant wait to share this picture with my Aunt's daughter!