Friday, August 27, 2010

Cemetery Cousins

You just never know who you will run into at a cemetery.  At the recent Decoration Day at Providence Cemetery north of Tremont, I met several Davis cousins but wasn't expecting to see a Robinson cousin there.   Joe Robinson, shown with me above, is the son of Lon Napolian Robinson, the young boy in the older photograph.    Lon's father, Floyd, and my great-grandfather, Gideon, were brothers, and my genealogy program indicates that Joe and I are first cousins, twice removed.   Our common ancestor is George Emerson Robinson and his wife, Charlotte Purnell Robinson.

My mother, who was at the cemetery with me, said that as soon as she saw Joe she knew he was a Robinson!

The picture of Lon, above, was found in Thusie Evans Robinson's trunk along with several other old photographs of the Robinson family.   I am so thankful that Momma Robinson kept those photographs and that her granddaughter Lucy passed them on to me.   It is nice to make those Itawamba connections!

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