Saturday, August 28, 2010

Floyd Marion Robinson's children

Yesterday, I posted a picture of Lon Napolian Robinson as a young boy.   Above is another photograph that Thusie had in her trunk, one of her brother-in-law's children.   Her brother-in-law was Floyd Marion Robinson, the brother of Thusie's husband, Gideon.  The back of the photograph indicates that the young boy on the left is Ralph, son of Floyd and his first wife, Lucy Grady, while the infant in the chair is Lon, son of Floyd and his second wife, Hattie Spearman.   The third child is unknown, but based on the ages of Ralph and Lon, it would appear that the child could be either Faye Robinson Chamblee or Toomer LeeRoy Robinson, both children of Floyd and Hattie.

Altogether, Floyd had eight children by his first wife Lucy (three died as infants) who died in 1906, and six children by his second wife Hattie.

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Anonymous said...

Mona, that photo doesn't look as tho it was retouched; but it would appear those steamer ship trunks were very good places for storing photos of the late 1880's and early 1900's! Oh, to own one of those trunks. . . . my mother owned two flat topped ones and one that I always called hump back or camel back trunk. That is so nice to find such well protected photos appear. Thanks, bettye