Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beck's Special Easter Cakes

Beck was known for her coconut cakes, and they were among her most-requested desserts. Easter just wasn't Easter without one of Beck's decorated coconut cakes., and when the family gathered at her house to celebrate the holiday with food and egg hunts, you could be sure that she would have one - or two - of the cakes on hand to please the crowd. Children especially loved the decorated cakes but grown men have been known to break line for their slice of Beck's moist cake.

Above: Jelly beans and a chocolate Easter bunny were favorite decorations for Beck's Easter coconut cakes.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Mills, My name is Don Johnson and I'm interested in your earlier blog about Napoleon. I have an ancestor Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson, born July 27, 1828, in Bristol, CT. As you know family names were passed down, and given that my relative was born at a time when strong feelings against England and for France were not unheard of, I wonder if there might be a connection if the family moved around.

Alysson said...

Don, thanks for stopping by. How interesting that you have an ancestor named Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson. As far as I know, however, this was not a name handed down in our Johnson family. In fact, there is a strong probability that N. B. Johnson was named after a Dr. Napoleon Bonaparte Warren who was of an earlier generation in Itawamba County. His father was William Albert Johnson; his grandfather was Stephen Johnson from North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

About the cakes, finally figured out where the pictures were made. The first one, on the top on the freezer, the second , up at Bigdaddy's.