Wednesday, April 8, 2009

John Denton Green, M.D.

John Denton Green was the son of Elizabeth Caroline Robinson and her husband, Jacob Green. He was an Itawamba native who practiced medicine at Smithville in Monroe County and Brooksville in Noxubee County, Missisippi. After his death in 1947, his body was brought back to Itawamba County and buried at Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church near where he was born.

John married Verna Cowden, daughter of William C. Cowden and Mattie A. Harmon. They raised one daughter, Mattie E.

World War I Draft Registration Card
September 12, 1918
Dr. John Denton Green
Brooksville, Noxubee County, Mississippi
DOB: October 18, 1879
Occupation: Physician, self-employed
Nearest relative: Mrs. Verna Green
Physical description: Medium height, slender build, brown eyes, dark hair

1930 Census
Noxubee County, Mississippi
John D. Green 50 MS AL AL physician, gen. practice age at first marriage: 25
Vernia 45 MS MS MS age at first marriage: 20
Mattie E. 5 MS MS MS

John's mother, Elizabeth Caroline Green, was my great-grandfather's sister. If anyone has photos of Elizabeth or any of her family, I would love to hear from you. John's siblings were Sarah Jane, Texanna, Rachael, Moorman, and Mary Maud.


Anonymous said...

Mona, do "we" have any idea where using "Moorman" as a given name starts? I have Achilles Lucian Moorman, M.D. born Mar. 8, 1843 but not where. My paternal grandfather, Morman. B. Stone was born in 1879. I somehow believe my grandfather was named after this doctor who married a descendant of Dilmus Johnson Stone and Permelia Bethany. I read where you identified Granddaddy's middle name as Bonaparte. I do know that my "baby" brother was named for our Granddaddy; however, his birth certificate lists Moorman B. Stone (1934). I have never found how or what the initial stood for. bettye

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Good question, Bettye. There are certainly a lot of men in the area named Moorman, Morman, Moman. Achilles is another name found here and there. My GG Uncle was Eddie A. Harbor, with the "A" standing for Aquilla which I wonder was a derivative of Archilles? His son was named Aquilla but was called "A".

Anonymous said...

John Denton Green is my maternal grandfather and I am interested in any information about him or my grandmother Verna Cowden Green.
Robert H. Godwin

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Robert, thanks for the contact. I've e-mailed you with some additional information about this family and hope to hear from you.