Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John A. Dulaney and Willie Lee Woodard

John Alfred Dulaney married Willie Lee Woodard on November 30, 1883.

John Alfred was named after his two grandfathers: John Dulaney and Alfred Aven Senter. His parents were James M. Dulaney and Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Senter.

Willie Lee can be found in the 1870 census as a three year old female "Lee" in the household of Jesse Woodard. The 1880 census indicates that twelve year old "Willie L." was the granddaughter of Jesse Woodard. Her parents are not known to me, but perhaps someone can help me out as to her family. Jesse, Willie's grandfather, was born about 1808 in North Carolina.

John and Willie had four children, but only two lived to adulthood, Clifford and Earnest.

1910 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 5, Fulton-Tupelo Road
John A. Dulaney 49 MS SC MS, married 27 years
Willie L. 44 MS MS MS, 4 children, 2 living
Earnest J. 21 MS son
next door:
Clifford A. Dulaney 23 MS MS MS
Hassie M. 21 MS MS MS

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Adams.


Don Dulaney said...

I didnt know who he was named for. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Mona, is Willie Lee related to the Bishops? That pose and smile sure reminds me of "our" Aunt "Aggie" Bishop Robinson. And she also looks so petite, also like Aunt Agnes! I never saw her in a dress that was more than an inch or two above the ankle and those little flat shoes (I think I thought they were "house slippers")bettye

Richard said...

from my memory of my grandfather's stories she was the daughter of Jeanette (Jennitt) Woodard who was married to Eli Works when my grandfather was a boy. from my subsequent searching of records, i've found that Jeanette had first married Joseph T. Potts in 1871. it seems that Willie Lee must have been born before Jeanette married. "Aunt Jenni Works" as my grandfather referred to her was a neighbor and passed along clothing outgrown by her grandson Pete Dulaney, son of John and Willie Lee, to my grandfather.

Jim Hermann said...


Was Jennett Isabella (Wordward) Potts married to a different Works than Eli? The Mississippi Marriage Records Index showed that "Miss J.I. Potts" married "J.F. Works" in 1882. In addition, Eli and Nancy Works moved from Itawamba County to Texas and died there. There was a James F Works who appeared in the 1880 Census as married and separated from his first family. He died in 1896, so the 1900 Census showed Jenni E Works as widowed with her second child, James Earnest Works.

Also, was her first husband Joseph T Potts (b. 1837 TN, d. aft 1910 Tarrant County, Texas)? He was son of Joseph and Mary Potts who lived in Itawamba County during the 1850 and 1860 Censuses.

Jennett Potts was listed as widowed in the 1880 Census, so her first husband may have been a different man. In addition, Joseph T Potts moved with his family to Colbert County Alabama according to the 1870 Census, so he would have had to return to Itawamba County for the 1871 marriage to Jennett. However, since Willie Lee Woodard was born in about 1866, she might have been the biological daughter of Joseph T Potts.


Jim Hermann (genealogy@jimhermann.com)

Richard said...


Yes, I gave the wrong Works as Jennett's husband. It was James F. I think his son by his previous wife was Eli.

I don't know anything about Joseph T. Potts. I recorded many years ago a marriage I located in the Itawamba County courthouse of Joseph T. Potts and Jeannette Woodard on May 11, 1871.