Sunday, April 19, 2009

Henry Davis Dulaney

You just know that this photo has a story to go along with it. Unfortunately, I don't know the story. Wish I did, but I don't. That's they way it is with several old photos in my collection, yours too I'm sure.

What are the crowd of spectators on the porch looking at, besides the man and his horse (mule?)? Is that a hat the man is holding above the animal's ears? Was the man heading somewhere, or just getting back? He is obviously dressed in nice clothes, not work-day clothes. Perhaps this is a Sunday afternoon gathering? A special occasion?

One thing that we do know is that the man is Henry Davis Dulaney. Dorothy Lauderdale Wilemon shared this photo of her grandfather recently with Don Dulaney.

Henry Davis Dulaney was married to Minnie Mae Whitehead in 1894 in Itawamba County, and they had nine children. In addition to their own children, Henry and Minnie raised the three sons of Henry's sister, Effie Dulaney Robinson, who died in 1911.

Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 5, Fulton precinct
Henry D. Dulaney 58 MS AL MS farmer
Minnie Dulaney 42 MS MS MS
Charlie Dulaney 21 MS son
Will Robinson 19 MS foster son
Walter Dulaney 14 MS son
Noonan Dulaney 12 MS son
Bessie 8 MS daughter
Nina 6 MS daughter
Birgis 5 MS son
Coy 3 MS daughter

Not listed in the above census record were daughters Sarah and Janie Etress who were married and in their own households in 1920. Also not included were Edward and Henry Robinson, foster sons, who were living nearby with their families.

Henry was the son of Henry Dulaney and Mary Jane Priddy, and the grandson of early Itawamba settlers Alfred Dulaney and Rachel McNiece.


Ken Dulaney said...

What a great post Mona! I see your point on the onlookers. One can't help but wonder what was going on.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Henry Davis Dulaney was my GGrandfather. His daughter Etress was my Grandmother. I was unaware of "why" James Wiley Matthews, (the husband of Etress Dulaney, and my Grandfather), was such great friends with "Luke" Robinson... Now, I know.. Sincerely, Barry Hinton..