Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fessie and Beck visit the USS Alabama

In 1966, Fessie and Beck Pennington toured the USS Alabama during a visit to the Alabama and Mississippi coast. If you haven't read about Fessie's adventures aboard the USS Reno during World War II, you can start here to read about Fessie's first adventure in the Pacific. Subsequent posts about Fessie and the USS Reno can be found here (kamikaze attack), here (torpedo attack) and here (riding out a typhoon in a crow's nest).

Unlike the Reno, which was a light cruiser, the USS Alabama was a battleship. However, both war ships participated in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Since the Reno was sold for scrap in 1962, touring the Alabama was the next best thing for Fessie.

Fessie visited the USS Alabama once again before he died, this time during the 1980s in the company of his son-in-law, grandson, and my husband. He enjoyed retelling the tales of his adventures, showing everyone the bunks in the sleeping quarters, the mess halls, the brig etc. I don't think he climbed up into the crow's nest, however, to relive his typhoon adventure!

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