Saturday, August 1, 2009

Buggy Wreck

Thomas Aron Dulaney was born July 1, 1856 to James M. Dulaney and Mary Elizabeth Senter. Due to an accident in which one of his thumbs was severed, he was known as Bunt or Bunt Tom to friends and family. Some resources indicate his middle name to be Alfred, but his death certificate shows Aron.

In addition to owning a store northeast of Fulton, Bunt was a well-respected Supervisor for Itawamba County. I found the following information in the April 9, 1914 edition of Itawamba County News, a forerunner to today's Times. It provides an interesting glimpse into a day in the life of the fifth district supervisor. The first item appeared under the column for news from the Mt. Pleasant community while the second item was published under the local items column, in the same edition of the paper. Bunt recovered from the accident and lived to be 85 years old, dying in 1941 from cancer.

Mt. Pleasant News
Mr. A. Dulaney, Supervisor from the first district, started to court Monday in his buggy, when his horse became frightened and ran away, threw him out, and dislocated his shoulder.

Local News
Supervisor A. Dulaney started to Fulton Monday morning and on the hill near Dove Dulaney’s his buggy struck a tree while the horse was going at a rapid gate, nd he was found by mail carrier Harden lying where he was thrown, unable to get up. He was carried back home, and it is feared that he is severely crippled.


Don Dulaney said...

Great post Ms. Mona. A good glimps into my GGreat Grandfathers life that I did not know. The accident you speak of that cut off a finger or thumb hence the name "Bunt Tom" happened when he was chopping wood with a black man. He was holding the wood and the man accidently cut his appendage off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, I'm quite sure that you aren't old enough to recall "Depression times"; however, my husband and I were born "in those olden days - mind you nothing golden about 'em!- Ron's adopted mother had a couple of sisters (who had no kids)and one lived next door so when he got hurt, well, naturally he ran to his Aunt who always gave him the most sympathy. . . .he and a buddy were doing a dumb act while playing, tossing bottles against a brick wall pretending to be tossing hand grenades. Yep, one big piece of flying glass flew back and sliced the tip almost off his finger. Aunt Myrtle in one of her duties as nurse/doctor got out her darning needles and thread and sewed that tip back on - sans any thing more deadening than a little rubbing alcohol which only added to the volume of screaming ! You know the saying that "time heals everything", well by the time we married almost 58 years ago, there was such a small scar left that I almost found it disbelieving even with that dear sweet old aunt confirming that it happened. bettye

Don Dulaney said...

Bettye, Thats amazing. and I can only imagine what times were like back then. and I am sure that how a wound left you scarred was the least of their worries. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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