Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dulaney Reunion 8.29.09

Dulaney descendants gather in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
August 29, 2009

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but hopefully things will settle down and I can get back to regular posting to this blog. Yesterday was the Dulaney Family Reunion, and by everyone's account it was a huge success. Don Dulaney was the mastermind behind the planning for the reunion, but he had lots of help from his brother Ken and loads of other folks that rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. Everyone wants a repeat reunion next year, same time and same place, so mark your calendars now for the last Saturday of August. Below are some more pictures taken at the reunion by my daughter Rebekah. In addition to a table loaded with all kinds of great tasting dishes, Dulaney descendants also enjoyed a wonderful slide show presentation put together by Don that traced the history of the Itawamba Dulaneys and included many old photographs of Dulaney ancestors.


Anonymous said...

We were thinking of ya'll yesterday and wished we could have been there...looks like it was a great success!

Laura Wallace

Anonymous said...

Wow!, for "a hot day in August", it does appear that the Dulaney's came out in force!

My John A. Dyer family line began their Mississippi Territory heritage in Itawamba Co. on a hill above co. rd. 23 near James Creek (Dyer Cemetery is on these premises plus a "hunt club" - whatever that implies). The only way that the Dyer's celebrate to the best of my knowledge is the last Saturday in May to honor my maternal grandmother, Ila Estelle Sullivan Dyer - born May 30, 1884 in a park in Birmingham, AL.

I explain this to tell you that the adults of today have grown tired of attending this picnic luncheon and get together because it has been a part of their summers over all these years and so the ones who live in the Birmingham area no longer attend. Don, you need to find some interesting thing to keep the younger people interested in returning year after year.

Ron and I drove out to Tupelo in Aug. 2003 to attend the Cody (originally from the sw part of current Marion County, AL and are the majority of the people buried at Friendship Baptist Church cemetery - their only current recognition in the area that I'm aware of is through the Wright Cabin in Amory and Doc Wright was married to Elizabeth Cody) family reunion that at one time had a huge drawing, but someone mentioned to me that they aren't meeting this summer - such a shame.

Once you lose whatever keeps the families involved and together is lost, it is so hard to start over. bettye

Arvel said...

cousin don did a fine job. a great time was had by all.

Arvel said...

and glad Miss Mona is in pretty good shape after her train wreck.

Don Dulaney said...

Thanks Mona for such a good post about the reunion. It was a real treat to see the people enjoy their loved ones. Thanks for all the help from everyone. I merely guided the ship. the work was done by the family.