Friday, August 7, 2009

Three Rascals

Fessie Pennington, Peewee Robinson, Frelon Pennington

Fessie and Frelon were brothers. Peewee was Fessie's son-in-law as well as my father. His real name was James Luke Robinson, but his in-laws called him Peewee. Uncle Frelon was undoubtedly home for a visit when this photograph was taken, probably around 1980 or so. After retiring from military service, he lived at the Old Soldier's Home (now called Armed Forces Retirement Home) in Washington, D.C. I suspect that some catfish had just gotten cleaned when the men posed for the picture. The propane gas tank was adjacent to the water hydrant in Beck and Fessie's yard and was a handy place upon which to clean fish.

So many things are familiar about this picture. Fessie is wearing one of his usual jumpsuits that came into his favor after a particularly rough case of the shingles one year. His cap was always askew on his head. I can't recall if he only turned his cap that way when his picture was being taken or if it was always that way. Seems to me he purposely turned it to the side whenever someone brought out a camera. Is that a rolled up bag of chewing tobacco in his pocket? Peewee typically kept a dish towel slung over his shoulder to wipe the beads of sweat off his brow. He was rarely found working in his garden without a towel. It was as common of an accessory as his hoe. The cigarette in Frelon's fingers was also a common sight.

Peewee's expression, with his arms stretched around Fessie and Frelon, suggests to me that he was pleased with the day's activities. I bet supper was good that night.


Kirk Robinson said...
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Kirk Robinson said...

I wanted to rewrite my first comment. I think this is one of your best pictures. I love seeing that hat tilted on Papa's head. With the sweat towel over Daddy's shoulder, I remember him using it at many different times and places. During the summer, he almost never went outside without having one. Finally, like you said, Uncle Frelon was rarely without a cigarette between his fingers. Really love this photo.

Ma Jean said...

Mona, besides Robert Mitchum when I look at your Daddy's face, I see you in there.

Anonymous said...

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